4. See Impressive Results

We take pride in your success.  Members of the VOD Network have the experience, diverse skill sets, and proven track records to execute and deliver on even the most demanding projects. We strive to exceed your expectations and will guarantee your satisfaction.

Just a few examples of our successfully completed projects:

  • Pharmacoepidemiologic study and high-throughput data analysis of three million prescription records to evaluate the impact of calendarized medication packaging adherence.
  • Development of a multi-platform approach for cancer biomarker discovery, analysis, and validation.
  • Review of biomarker strategy and discovery/validation pipeline to support clinical trials for a major oncology immunobiologic.
  • Proteomic, metabolomic, genomic, epigenomic, transcriptomic, and first ever phenomic analysis of smokers with and without COPD for biomarker discovery.
  • Request for Breakthrough Therapy Designation to the FDA, resulting in the first ever acceptance of a CNS compound.
  • Delivery of a successful response to a regulatory pharmacovigilance request that prevented restraint of a global product’s marketing authorization.
  • Epidemiologic and investigative toxicologic evaluation of product liability for publicly traded companies.
  • Patent due diligence for in-licensing of a companion diagnostic to identify patients responsive to treatment for alcoholism.
  • Oversight and design of mechanistic toxicology and safety evaluation of a compound for evidence in product liability law suits.
  • Health economics assessment of opioid overdose events and resulting healthcare costs using medical claims data and mathematical modeling.
  • Claims analysis from an all-payer claims database to develop value-based reimbursement model recommendations for shared savings initiatives.


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