Learn More About the VOD Model

The foundation of Venebio’s business model is our contract-based Global Life Sciences Network of MDs, PhDs, PharmDs, JDs and other life science experts. With only a small group of doctoral-level Principal Scientists working full time with Venebio, we minimize overhead and offer affordable research solutions to our clients. Combining a highly-skilled group of on-call Core Scientists with a wide range of medical and scientific expertise, the Venebio network delivers immediate scalability, agility, versatility, and efficiency to provide a customized and rapid approach to addressing client needs.


The Center Circle:  Venebio Principal Scientists

Venebio Principal Scientists serve as Lead Scientists and/or Project Managers on all projects.  Each of these doctoral-level scientists has a particular area of specialty; however, they are also highly versatile and experienced across a broad range of life sciences disciplines.  At least one of these Principal Scientists is involved in every Venebio project.

venebio-network-overviewVenebio’s principal scientists have more than 60 years of cumulative research experience with leading  academic institutions, and have published over 100 peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, technical reports and manuscripts.  Together they have directed comprehensive research projects in leading Fortune 50 pharmaceutical and consumer products companies, practiced clinical and veterinary medicine, worked for major government agencies, conducted 150+ clinical trials and provided life sciences consulting for over 25 years in the United States and internationally.

The Middle Circle:  Venebio Core Scientists

The next level of the Venebio Network – the middle circle — consists of Venebio’s Core Scientists.  These extremely credentialed senior scientists are dedicated nearly full-time to Venebio projects and they, too, are highly versatile with a broad range of life science and project management skills.

The Outer Circle:  Venebio Scientific Specialists

The final level of the Venebio Scientific Network includes more than 225 senior scientists, mostly MDs, PhDs, PharmDs and JDs, all under contract to Venebio.  These scientists have a wide range of skills and unique expertise giving Venebio the ability to create highly specialized project teams, custom-designed to the needs of each project. Our network covers nearly every continent and includes leaders in academia, healthcare, regulatory, pharma, biotech, along with large corporate, governmental, non-profit and scientific consulting organizations.